Holy Saturday


From my sermon entitled, Holy Saturday Faith: “In a recent book on theology and trauma, theologian Shelly Rambo challenges the traditional paradigm of redemption that moves from death to life without remainder – that is, it moves in a linear fashion towards victory over death, evil, suffering and glosses over the way death continues or remains in the midst of life. There is, for trauma victims in particular, a mixed experience of death and life. Rambo observes how the traditional framework for redemption tends to tell people to “get over it” or move on and, for trauma victims, that is just not possible. For some, death continues to impinge amid life, and there is no clean break between them. For some it is just not clear how “all things work together for good” as stated in our morning lesson from Romans. Scars remain — “I carry the marks of Jesus branded on my body” says Paul.”



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