From Thich Nhat Hanh’s Good Citizens: Creating Enlightened Society: “When we water the seeds of mindfulness through practice, happiness will appear. The other morning when I opened my water tap to wash my face, I felt my fingers as they were in touch with the water. I felt that the water was very fresh. The water had either come from a very deep source in the earth or from high mountains, and it was connected to the water tap in my room. Outside it was very cold, so the water inside was also very cold, and when I wet my eyes it was so refreshing, like the Buddha’s teaching. Whenever I brush my teeth I do so aware that I am free from all agitation, worries, and projects. I dwell peacefully, freely, happily in the present moment, in touch with what is positive, like the cool fresh water. My eyes are still in good condition and my legs still let me walk. I’m very happy.”


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