From Brian Bantum’s The Death of Race: Building a New Christianity in a Racial World: “In the creation of humanity we see what is most fundamental to being created like God, that we are different from one another and that we are made to be with another. Our bodies are what make this difference and our love for one another possible, incarnate. The body is love. The creation story is a sign that we were created to be with God and with others. These two creatures that are formed from primordial chaos, formed and breathed into being, beautiful signs of how difference and likeness are tangled together, that we are ground and God, flesh and Spirit, male and female—and that these differences are what make it possible for us to be like God. But perhaps most of all, this creation story is a story that reveals what it means to be free, to be a unique creature in this world, and that being free is not a kind of sovereignty, but rather a profound exercise of love. Retracing our beginnings is a kind of resistance. It’s a way of renaming what is beautiful about our bodies and our lives so that we can see more truthfully what dehumanizes us, and what God hopes for us. If race is a story that becomes manifest in our bodies and lives, different stories must be told and embodied to resist the deathly consequences of this racial story.”



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