Victory Over Death


From Brian Bantum’s The Death of Race: Building a New Christianity in a Racial World: “But in the resurrection we also see the beginning of a new humanity. Christ eats and walks and talks. He draws Thomas’s hands into the wounds of his sides (John 20: 24–29), drawing him into his humanity, which is healed but still bears the marks of its afflictions. This new humanity remains historical. That is, Jesus’s resurrection does not lift him above his history, his mourning, or his trials. Instead, those who are buried with him are met in the waters of death and drawn out into communion with God. These marks do not signal his enslavement, but his victory. His wounded hands and side display the fullness of his journey and his lordship over death. But even more, his rising signals the overcoming of the powers and principalities that sought to entangle and consume him and all humanity.”


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