Option for the Poor


From Paul Knitter’s Without Buddha I Could Not Be A Christian: “Like other religious leaders and founders, Jesus experienced God or the Ultimate as the power of love. But what was distinctive of Jesus’ experience was that this God who loves everyone has a particular, perhaps we can say “preferential” or more pressing, love for those people in every society who have been stepped on, pushed aside, neglected, or exploited. Jesus embodied this preferential, pressing love for the poor and hungry and cast-aside even to the point of dying like one of them –that is, like any one of them would have been disposed of had they woken up and spoken up against the ruling powers. The God embodied in Jesus suffers not only for the victims of the world; this God suffers like them and with them. This, I think we can say, is the distinctive or unique contribution that Christians can make to the dialogue with other religions.”


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