Many Paths, Many Goals


From Linda Mercadante’s Belief without Borders: “…we do not need to say that all religions propose the same ends or means. They are not different paths up the same mountain. We must acknowledge that they each make different truth claims. Religious claims, by nature, require a person’s loyalty and commitment. Yet all of them give us ways to recognize and bond with Ultimacy, even if the Ultimate is conceived differently in each tradition. Each provides a shared language and connection with others so that spiritual experience does not remain totally private. Each serves as a guide for others on a similar quest, providing ways to communicate with each other about our deepest needs and experiences. Religions understand that humans are meaning-seeking beings. They show us that we need an organizing center. They help us deal with suffering and evil by setting them within a theological framework. Each religion, in its own way, offers a coherent meaning narrative.”


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