From Ruben Habito’s Zen and the Spiritual Exercises: “I am reminded of something I read in one of our required spiritual books as a Jesuit novice, recounting incidents in the life of a monk who later became a canonized saint. In one of these, this monk was playing pelota (a kind of ball game) with fellow monks during their afternoon recreation time, when he was asked, “Brother, if you were told that you were to die one hour from now, what would you do?” This saintly monk replied, “Why, I would continue playing pelota, what else? And then, after we finish with the game, I would take my bath and change, and then go and help in the kitchen, as that is my assignment for this afternoon.” In short, this monk was at peace with himself, the world, and God. He was living his life in this way, ready to meet his death at any point along the way.”



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