Glory to God

last-supperFrom Elizabeth Johnson’s Quest for the Living God: “…Oscar Romero, bishop and martyr, riffed on a famous proverb crafted in the second century by the bishop Irenaeus. In Latin this pithy, mellifluous maxim reads: Gloria Dei, vivens homo, which translated means, “the glory of God is the human being fully alive.” The glory of God is homo, the human being, the whole human race, every individual person, vivens, fully alive. God’s glory is at stake in the flourishing of people, every single one and all together. How could it be otherwise if the incomprehensible Mystery toward whom the human spirit dynamically tends self-communicates to the world in Jesus and the Spirit as absolute, challenging, sheltering love. In thus choosing to create, save, and dwell within the world, holy mystery has made the world and its inhabitants precious beyond all telling. Harming human beings, inflicting violence or neglecting their good, translates logically into an insult to the Holy One. The two are so tied together, by God’s intent, that the glory of the One is at stake in the well-being of all others.”


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