MLK Lenten Reflections

Please see the menu to the right to read the MLK Lenten Reflections: ‘A Revolution of Values.”

We have honored King with a national holiday and a monument on the National Mall and most of us know his most famous speeches, but few of us are familiar with his profound spiritual teachings. His Christian faith was at the heart of all the work he did for justice and there is much we can learn from listening to this great Christian prophet and reflecting on his message.

If you are interested in learning from Dr. King, please join the MLK Lenten Reflection Group Email List and we will send you regular spiritual insights from his sermons, speeches and writing throughout Lent (February 14-March 31). You will get at least two short readings a week, links to recordings of Dr. King’s sermons and occasional questions you can use to reflect on your own spiritual growth. For those who want to do so, there will also be some opportunities to get together with others for informal conversations about what Dr. King’s message means for us today.

Please go to this page to sign up for the MLK Lenten Reflection Group List—or fill out one of the forms that will be available during worship services. You will be added to the list of group members and begin to receive information after Ash Wednesday. I hope you will join us and use the upcoming Lenten Season as a time to learn what Dr. King has to say to us today.

God Bless,

Roger Gench
Senior Pastor


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