Good Friday MLK Reflection

Today’s Quote from Dr. King:

In Dr. King’s Christmas Sermon on Peace, he reflects on the meaning of Easter and the hope it brings to us.

“We once again stand in the Christmas season and think of the Easter season, simultaneously, for the two somehow go together. Christ came to show us the way. Men love darkness rather than the light, and they crucified him, and there on Good Friday on the cross it was still dark, but then Easter came, and Easter is an eternal reminder of the fact that the truth-crushed to earth will rise again. Easter justifies Carlyle in saying, ‘No lie can live forever.’ And so this is our faith, as we continue to hope for peace on earth and good will toward men: let us know that in the process we have cosmic companionship.

“With this faith, we will be able to adjourn the councils of despair and bring new light into the dark chambers of pessimism. With this faith, we will be able to speed up the day when there will be peace on earth and good will toward men. It will be a glorious day, the morning stars will sing together and the sons of God will shout for joy.”

Link to more:

On April 3, 1968, in what was the final speech of his life, Dr. King spoke to the Memphis sanitation workers and their supporters at the Mason Temple and delivered what has become known as his “Mountain Top” speech. The final two and a half minutes of this speech offer are incredibly powerful and provide an affirmation of hope that we badly need to hear today.

For Reflection and Prayer:

  • Think back on the various insights you have gotten from Dr. King during Lent. Which of them are most powerful for you?
  • What are some specific ways you can apply Dr King’s teachings to your life?
  • Offer a prayer of commitment for any steps you have decided to take as a result of reflecting on Dr. King’s message.

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