Stewardship: Opportunity

37108674_873123402886151_7770173481500540928_nGood Morning!

I am Helen Anthony and I am this years Stewardship Chair. I am so excited to kick off our 2019 Stewardship Campaign today!

In the past two years we as a church have had a lot of new Opportunities come our way. We have been able to be open for various marches to offer hospitality, rest, and restrooms to our neighbors and visitors. We were a designated safe space during the recent rally, open to those of vulnerable populations. And our biggest Opportunity yet, the Downtown Day Services Center in partnership with the Downtown Business Improvement District. We are so lucky to have a space and congregation that is welcoming and open to all, not just here in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, but also Thursday nights for Community Club tutoring, Wednesday nights for 7-2-9, early on Sundays for the Radcliff Room homeless ministry, and all throughout the week to our various renters and anyone who needs a space to sit and cool down.

One of our goals this year is 100% congregation participation and I am so excited to say that we are off to a great start with 85% participation from our board members! I hope that this will encourage you, to prayerfully consider how you can participate in this years Stewardship Campaign. You can pledge this year using a pledge card, if you need an extra you can find them at the entrances to the sanctuary or the front desk. This year you can also make a pledge online through our new online pledge form.

We know you have many worthy requests for your money and time, and our church with its international missions and local needs, needs your gifts more than ever this year. You know all the good our church is able to do. Help us not just maintain, but grow these programs and the gifts that we share with our community. I hope you will join me in increasing your pledge this year, so that we can continue saying yes to the new Opportunities that come our way.

Thank you

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