42900710_10156371520933941_4429544873539928064_nGood morning. My name is Craig Berry, and my wife Renee and I have attended New York Avenue for 2 years. We became members just a few months after we started attending, because we knew very quickly that New York Avenue was where we wanted to make our church home. We like a lot of things about this church – the friendly people, the opportunity to connect with the downtown neighborhood where I work, the inspiring sermons, and the history you can feel in this building.

But what we were most looking for when we came here – and found – was a place that would make a difference in the lives of our children. In just the two years we’ve been here, our daughters have attended nursery, worship play, pre-K Sunday School, and Lower Elementary Sunday School. They’ve always been warmly welcomed by adults and peers. And above all, their experience here at church is helping reinforce the value we most want to instill in them: love for all of humanity.

Because we are technically millennials (just barely, but millennials nonetheless), many of our friends our age do not attend church regularly. And frankly, we get why – life with young kids is busy, and sometimes you just need to stay in your pajamas on Sunday. However, we choose to be here on a regular basis because New York Avenue offers an opportunity for us and our daughters to be part of a community that is truly trying to live the central message to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. It’s one thing to talk about values like these, but regularly showing our kids how to live them can be hard, and New York Avenue helps us do that.

As part of the Stewardship Committee this year, I am asking you today to consider participating in the Stewardship Campaign. Your generous gift will help ensure that we can continue to develop all of the things that make this community so inspiring to be a part of, for adults and kids alike.

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