Dedication Sunday


Every fall when I start thinking about my pledge for the next year, I usually think about all the big things that New York Avenue does. Our big ministries that meet on a weekly basis like the Radcliffe Room and Community Club, Sunday School for all ages, and more Bible Studies and small groups to join that I can even name. I think back on growing up at a Presbyterian Church in North Carolina and remember my mom teaching me how important it is to give as a spiritual practice.

This year I have been reminded of the not so big things that our community provides for each other, that often go unnoticed. Spontaneous offers of help, unnecessary but appreciated thank yous, meals for both joyful times and sad. I have also been thinking about all of the things I want New York Avenue to accomplish, like a well attended regularly meeting youth group, a successful partnership with the BID, the ability to plug in visitors and new members to the right groups for them, and that everyone who wishes to go visit our international partners in Kenya and Cuba will have the chance to do so.

All of these things are supported by your time volunteering as part of this community. And many of them are supported by our pledges and gifts throughout the year. Today on All Saints’ Sunday, remember that Pledging is a way to honor and continue the legacy of those we remember today.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to pledge, I hope you will remember the little things that you love about New York Avenue in deciding how much you pledge this coming year.

Thank you!

Helen Anthony

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