Pledge Dedication Sunday

Tracy Branding, Stewardship Committee member and Helen Anthony, Stewardship Chair

Good Morning,

I’m Helen Anthony, the Chair of Stewardship. Leading the Stewardship Campaign the past two years has given me an even greater appreciation for all members of our church. As I receive the weekly updates from our church accountant, I see church members of every age group planning to include New York Avenue in their monthly budgeting for the coming year. With each entry, I am also reminded of the work that each person does throughout the year to help New York Avenue in various ways. Whether that is through serving on a Board, as a Sunday School teacher, or being a friendly face on Sunday mornings, our church needs every one of us to be a welcoming, thriving, and united community throughout the year.

While Stewardship is just once a year, contingencies arrive in front of our Board members all year long. We hope that you will consider our suggested pledge increase of 5% to help us mitigate these currently unknown future needs.

We need your generosity to help us as we move further into our time of transition, sharing with and supporting our community.

Today, on Pledge Dedication Sunday, we are asking everyone to complete a Dedication Card, which you will find in your bulletin. Take the next few moments to complete your card, and during our next hymn please bring it up along with any pledges and offerings to the baskets at the front to symbolize our dedication to New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Thank you