NYAPC Moves to New Online Giving Platform

Transitions abound!  During this time when we cannot meet together in person, we are all finding new ways to be a community and to support one another. And that includes a transition from a traditional offering plate to a virtual one.

Last week, NYAPC moved to a new, easy to use online giving platform. You can access the new giving page here, where you can give a general donation or pay your Stewardship Pledge by credit card, bank account debit, or even via text! We still accept gifts by old-fashioned check: our mail is picked up once a week at the post office. And if you set up a recurring donation using our old platform, those donations will continue.

We don’t need to tell you that these are unprecedented times. We have had close our church building, and our tenants are also working to offer their services in new ways. But we’re finding that as a congregation, we are more vital than ever.

Last Sunday, over 200 people joined us for worship via Zoom, and even more participated via live stream and Facebook live. Sunday afternoon, our youth held a Godspell rehearsal online. We’ve held online prayer groups, Bible study and Faith on Tap, even choir rehearsal, and hosted children’s story times. Our Diaconal Ministers are reaching out to members in need, and we are all looking for creative ways to keep us connected to one another. We have committed to continue to pay all our staff, who are doing the work they can from home. And we are not forgetting our neighbors in need. You can see this update about how we are working to feed those who live in shelters or on the streets.

Creativity and flexibility also abound at this time!

Still, these are difficult times. Some of us may lose jobs, income, and savings. Some members may not be able to support the church financially as they had hoped. But we can step forward collectively, doing what we can. If you are able, please keep up your Stewardship Pledge. You can help in other ways too. This would be an excellent time to reach out to your “pew neighbors” and find out how they are doing. We also want to know if you need help navigating this crisis. Please reach out to Rev. Heather Shortlidge if you need pastoral care.

Watch for more opportunities to help, and for news on everything we are doing, as we move through this time, transitioning together.

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Adlai Amor, Brenton Ling, Brian Dewhurst, David Gillies, Donald Campbell, Erica Morgan, Rev. Heather Shortlidge, Kristin Ford, Laura Brouse-Long, Marie Noel Meka, Meg Hanna House, Meg Neill, Melissa Jane Taylor, Miriam Dewhurst, Paul Dornan, Taylor Allison, Tyler Feret, Will Ashworth

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