Protest Hospitality – Thursday Update

Dear Church Community,

We had about 75 guests come through for water, restrooms, and cell phone charging Wednesday. I’ve never seen people so grateful for a bathroom! I’m really glad we were open. Evangelism at its finest.

Many thanks to the on-the-ground volunteers who helped make it possible: Erica Morgan, Grace Morgan, Talia Lewis, Matthew Schlageter, Courtney Spearman, Madison Neimer, Sarah Heilman (who saw the volunteer opportunity on Twitter), and Phil Telfeyan. Placing sandwich board signs advertising protest hospitality at both 13th and 14th street corners helped people in need find us. Many also said they heard about us via Twitter. 

We continue to evaluate this on a day-by-day basis, but are planning to be open for the rest of the week. If you want to volunteer, please sign up here.

It is very difficult to get to the church in a car. The streets are blockaded. Walking, biking, or metro is best. If driving, leave lots of extra time and be prepared to not be able to get close to the church.

Grace and courage,


2 thoughts on “Protest Hospitality – Thursday Update

  1. My daughter and I walked by today after being at the new BLM Place, and I was truly overwhelmed by the kindness of the pastor and volunteers at the door who invited us in to use the restroom or have some water. Thank you for representing decency and love in the community.

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