From Rev. Heather Shortlidge

Dear Friends,

Join us for worship this Sunday June 28th at 10:00am via Zoom. I’m preaching the story of Jonah, a satire that gives us a hero who does his very best to run and fails. Jonah struggles to make sense of God’s actions, a story that can speak to our current times. I encourage you to read the entire book of Jonah prior to Sunday—it’s only four short chapters.

Immediately following worship, the Session has called a Congregational Meeting to elect officers and a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC). Click here for detailed instructions on Sunday’s congregational meeting and vote. Click here for the names and bios of the nine-member slate being proposed by the Nominating Committee.

***Please note that if you join Sunday worship through Facebook, YouTube, or by calling into Zoom on your phone, you will not be able to vote via those platforms. For anyone in this category, we have set up a phone bank so that you can call in your vote. To vote by phone, please call (571) 221-7805 or (571) 221-7804.***

We still need members and friends to turn out for the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) Virtual Action on Thursday July 2 at 6:45pm. If you are stuck at home, but still care about justice in our city, this is an easy way for you to invest in systemic change. WIN is asking the DC Council to redirect $300 million in public funds from gentrification projects, corporate subsidies and the police department (DC has more police per capita in the country), and reinvest it into affordable housing, good paying jobs, and community-based violence prevention programs. You can read more about the budget demands here: Please let us know you’re coming by emailing Martha Davis ( I promised to turn out 75 people. As of this morning, that means we need another 33 people to attend. I hope that one of them will be you!

Finally, the NYAPC Reopening Team has been working toward a limited reopening of our building for tenants, now that the District has moved into Stage Two of its reopening plan. Click here for a letter from the Reopening Team, outlining new building protocols and an update.

And a prayer from Nadia Bolz Weber to nourish your spirit this week:

I do not know when we can gather
together again in worship, Lord.
So, for now I just ask that:
When I sing along in my kitchen
to each song on Stevie Wonder’s Songs in
The Key of Life Album,
that it be counted as praise. And that when I read the news
and my heart tightens in my chest,
may it be counted as a Kyrie. And that when my eyes brighten
in a smile behind my mask
as I thank the cashier
may it be counted as passing the peace.
And that when I water my plants
and wash my dishes and take a shower
may it be counted as remembering my baptism.
And that when the tears come
and my shoulders shake and my
breathing falters, may it be counted as prayer.
And that when I stumble upon
a Tabitha Brown video
and hear her grace and love of you
may it be counted as a hearing a homily.
And that as I sit at that table in my apartment,
and eat one more homemade meal, slowly, joyfully,
with nothing else demanding my time or attention,
may it be counted as communion.

Peace and Courage,

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