What Does Ministry Look Like During a Pandemic?

As the pandemic has changed the world around us, New York Avenue Presbyterian Church has continued its mission to “express God’s Love, engage in God’s justice” in the center of Washington, D.C. Although in-person worship services and day-to-day tenant operations serving marginalized groups have paused, NYAPC continues its work in new and creative ways. These include continued ministry to those experiencing homelessness and online advocacy for under served communities. 

Ministry to Those Experiencing Homelessness:

Guests line up to receive lunch daily, provided by World Central Kitchen, at the Triangle Park.

NYAPC has long served those who are experiencing homelessness in Washington D.C. through a program called The Radcliffe Room, usually operating Sunday mornings inside the church offering food, coffee and a closet where guests can find clothing, shoes and essentials. Instead of suspending operations, the team has gotten creative and moved operations outdoors to the Triangle Park directly in front of the church building where social distancing can be enforced. Find out more about volunteer opportunities and where to donate clothing items here.

NYAPC is also now partnering with World Central Kitchen, the not-for-profit founded by José Andrés, to provide lunch seven days a week out of the Triangle Park for those experiencing hardship and homelessness during the time of the pandemic. Many indoor public services have been suspended due to Covid-19, and this remains a way to continue service to the community. Volunteers are welcome to sign up here to help with this initiative.

Ministry through Advocacy:

The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church is a member of the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN), a broad-based, multi-racial, multi-faith, strictly non-partisan, District-wide citizens’ power organization, rooted in local congregations and associations. WIN is committed to training and developing neighborhood leaders, to addressing community issues, and to holding elected and corporate officials accountable in Washington, DC.

Most recently, WIN has organized virtual action in the times of the pandemic, and members of NYAPC have attended in support of their most recent Virtual Public Action, showing the power in numbers to demand investment in the under served communities of DC. Visit here for more details.

NYAPC and other WIN Members at the recent Virtual Public Action meeting on Zoom.

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