From Rev. Heather Shortlidge

Dear Friends,

Join us this Sunday for Zoom worship at 10:00am. I’m preaching from Luke 23:44-56, the story of Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the Jewish establishment who had the guts to go to Pilate and ask for the dead body of Jesus so he could give it a decent burial.

Join us for 10:00am Sunday Worship here
Dial-in: 1-929-436-2866 Meeting ID: 150 620 342

The music for this coming Sunday celebrates communion while remembering Labor Day. It is also officially our first Sunday of fall! Normally this would be a time of celebrating together in the sanctuary but this year of course, we celebrate together but from afar online! The up-side is that wherever you are around the world (and we have several members abroad), you can dial in and always be an important part of NYAPC which is a delightful “benefit” of Covid, (if we can say such a thing!).

Taisha Estrada is our featured soloist this week in the hymns and in a moving rendition of Let Us Break Bread Together arranged by the great spiritual arranger Moses Hogan. She is an amazing artist building her career in jazz and popular music in the DC area and will be a major future force in this field, I predict! We are blessed to have her with us.

This Sunday, there will be a special time during worship to pray for students, teachers, parents, and school staff who are starting a new school year. Have some of your virtual school materials and devices with you for worship.

Additionally, the sacrament of communion will be served. Remember to gather your elements in advance. Any bread and drink are acceptable in the midst of a pandemic. Set your table and be prepared to welcome the Spirit of God into your space.

And a tiny prayer this week for anyone who is finding it difficult to be optimistic:

May you welcome the non-binary knowledge
that optimism and pessimism are not your only choices,
and may you commit to a truth in between,
a truth that exists even when you don’t remember it,
that you have resources, community,
and your own gifts to offer,
that there is meaning,
even when the path ahead is unclear,
and may you stop trying to force assured steps
and instead wander with the rest of us for a while.

– From Tiny Prayers for Protests

Peace and Courage,

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