This Sunday: Reimagining and the Widow’s Mite

Dear Friends,

Join us for worship this Sunday October 11th at 10:00am via Zoom. This week I’m preaching the third of four sermons in the series Our Money Story, with Sunday’s focus on reimagining. We’ll revisit the story of the widow’s mite (Mark 12:38-44), a scripture that begs for reimagination and reinterpretation from the harmful ways it has been used. Instead of commending the widow’s giving practices, perhaps Jesus is condemning the economic system that created her poverty.

Join us for 10:00am Sunday Worship here
Dial-in: 1-929-436-2866 Meeting ID: 150 620 342

Stan Engebretson, Director of Music, is off this Sunday, so hymns and service music has been recorded in advance, including an eloquent Renaissance anthem, “If Ye Love Me,” first published in 1565 by the English composer Thomas Tallis.

Please extend a warm welcome to Maila Cardoso, our new temporary Office Manager, who will be filling in for the next ten weeks while Nicole Johnson is on Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) leave. Maila can be reached at or by calling (202) 393-3700.

Finally, more poetry by Rev. Sarah Are, “Love, By Another Way” to nourish you this week:

I used to think that love was simple.
You would know when you know,
What was meant, would be.
But I fell in love
And it’s not that easy.
It’s compromise and identity,
Mountains and valleys,
Apologies and memories,
Imbalance, recentering.
It turns out,
Love took reimagining.

I used to think that Church
was simple.
Church was community, not
the walls,
Faith and hope mixed with call.
But then the world grew
violently sick
And the way to be Church
Was to keep distance.
So doors were closed,
And people sent home.
It was all love, by another way.
And yet it was not how we
imagined Sunday.

I used to think that justice
was simple,
That I could make a difference,
all by myself.
There was a clear right and
wrong, a way I could help.
But then I learned of privilege
and bias,
Of white savior complex and our
Church’s silence.
And all at once, it wasn’t so easy.
I needed to learn. I needed to listen.
I needed to reframe my
original vision.

I guess what I’m trying to say is
Life will throw first drafts
our way.

The chance to dream,
To lead, to sing,
To love, and give,
To pray, and be.
But in order to grow,
To follow God’s lead,
We have to do the work—

And despite our best efforts,
Love will fail.
Churches will close.
Justice will leave the
vulnerable exposed.
And when that happens,
We must own our part,
Say we’re sorry
And try to restart.

So write it all down.
And write it again.
A first draft,
A second,
An epilogue, and then
Share it with me
And we will pray.

And the spirit will move,
And maybe one day,
We can write this world
inside heaven’s gate.

For I am
Starting to believe
That what matters in life
Will never be easy.
So we must imagine and
imagine again.
We must dream and try, die and rise.
And in our rising, may we see
The next right reimagined thing
Until step by step we are home.

Love, by another way.

Peace and Courage,

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