What’s Going On? The Parents’ Group

by Kristin Ford

Every other Friday night since mid-April, parents at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church have been gathering virtually for fellowship, and it has been a delight.

We offer and receive moral support and deepen our connections to one another as we weather the uncertainty and challenge of the pandemic, whether with infants or high schoolers or kids in between.

Some weeks we have six or seven families represented, other times there are just two or three of us, but the time together is a chance to step back from the day-to-day grind of parenting in the face of so much intensity in the world. We’ve shared tips and ideas with each other, commiserated around bedtime battles, and learned how each other’s lives are unfolding as we juggle new routines and demands…and also find pockets of joy amidst the chaos.

It has been a blessing to strengthen existing friendships and cultivate new ones.

If you’re a parent who is grappling with distance learning or figuring out what childcare might work for your situation, or thinking through how to keep having important conversations about Black Lives Matters with your kids but not comfortable heading to a protest, or just looking for a warm and welcoming rotating group of NYAPC parents, come join us every other Friday by Zoom.

Our next meeting is Friday, Oct. 23, at 8:30. Come once in a while, come every time; we’d love to see you. You can find the link at the bottom of the “Recurring Events” section on our website’s events page.

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