Our Money Story: Restoration

Dear Friends,

Join us this Sunday for Zoom Worship at 10:00am. We’ll be finishing up Our Money Story sermon series, focusing this week on restoration. This Sunday’s anthem, “Kumbayah” is a spiritual pleading for divine intervention— for God to come by here (Kumbaya) and help a people in great need. The prelude ties in to this theme with a gospel rendition of the Southern Folk Hymn, “Wayfaring Stranger.”

Join us for 10:00am Sunday Worship here
Dial-in: 1-929-436-2866 Meeting ID: 150 620 342

There are some unique things coming up in worship this fall. Next Sunday, October 25th, we’ll have a guest preacher, Rev. Sara Varnado, who works as a Homeless Services Advocate at Community Connections, a Behavioral Health Agency. Her ministry is in the streets of DC, helping folks get basic needs and move towards finding housing. On Sunday November 1st, we’ll celebrate All Saints, memorializing all those in our midst who have died in the past year, including the 217,000 Americans who have died from Covid-19. Finally, we’ll be having a joint virtual worship service with Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church in Baltimore on Sunday November 8th. Their pastor, Rev. Andrew Foster Connors, and I will be preaching a dialogue sermon and both our choirs are participating in a joint anthem. It will be an exciting morning to join with other siblings of faith.

I’ve been hearing from many of our members, the real struggles of making it through virtual work, online schooling, caring for ageing parents who can’t be visited in person, and all the other complexities that this pandemic has presented. So, a prayer from the great artists at A Sanctified Art to restore your spirit this week and remind you that you are enough:

Giving and loving God,
I am made of stories—
stories of heartbreak and triumph,
stories of love and tragedy,
stories of families who belong and families who break,
stories of loose ends and new beginnings.
I have absorbed stories that live in me like an internal compass,
and many that I do not wish to carry at all.
But your story remains steadfast:
I am loved. I am enough. There is enough for all.
Enough. Enough. Enough.
May this become my constant refrain.
May I believe this is who I am.
May I live trusting your holy design.
Enough. Enough. Enough.

Peace and Courage,


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