Flower Dedications – Easter 2021

Delivery of fresh flowers to a few members of the congregation occurs every week, and will continue until the sanctuary re-opens for worship services.

These lovely little flower arrangements are made possible by gifts to the Diaconal Ministers’ Flower Fund from members and friends of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church who have requested prayers and made dedications in honor or memory of loved ones.

These are the donors to the Flower Fund during the 2021 Easter celebration.


Mary and Warren KrugOur parents, Elsie and Robert Maddox, and Adele and Walter Krug
Mahler-Campbell FamilyElizabeth Campbell, John Mahler, and Gary Campbell 
Beth Law and Kenneth Law, Jr.Our parents, Kenneth and Louise Law
Cindy Dickinson and Stuart DickinsonOur parents, Nancy and Hillman Dickinson
Annie Wong and Calvin ChengMan Chiu Hong, Juno Mei Chen, and Jean Hong-Wong
Jim and Ann DavidsonOur grandson, Samuel P. Beachy
Barbara and Paul DornanOur son, Andrew Charles Dornan
Mary SpatzTurley and Lucyle Mace, and Margaret Corman
Karen George and Adrienne GeorgeReverend Bryant George
John, Stacey, Jacob, and Nori GagosianOur grandparents and great-grandparents
Evelyn Ying and Greg LewisEvelyn’s parents, John and Margaret Ying
Wilson GoldenKris Golden
Meg and Doug HouseVirginia Peddle, Peggy Evans, and Alice Watson
Cathy and John Schultheis  Our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who were members of New York Avenue Presbyterian Church
Rob SavageMy parents, Reverend O.L. Savage and Lucille Savage
Gwenn and Paul GebhardPenny and Granville Sewell, and Paul Gansevoort Gebhard


Chess Campbell, and Paul and Gwenn GebhardThe Church clergy and staff, and the Internet Technology Support Team
Karen George and Adrienne GeorgeOur parents, Henry and Luvenia George
Meg and Doug HousePhil and Helen Hanna
John, Stacey, Jacob and Nori GagosianLindsey Younger, Jack and Gail Gagosian, and Jan Gagosian

One thought on “Flower Dedications – Easter 2021

  1. I received lovely flowers from the Diaconal Ministers. Thank you for doing this. Flowers always cheer me up. Jenean McKay


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