From Rev. Rachel Pacheco

Dear Friends,

It is officially summer! As we move through these longest days, I encourage you to be aware of the changing earth around you and look for God’s presence throughout the world, remembering that we are one part of this fascinating creation.

This Sunday, join us on zoom for worship to end Pride Month with More Light Sunday. More Light Presbyterians works for the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in the church and has produced some special liturgy for worship this week. The Rev. Annanda Barclay is preaching through a pre-recorded sermon. We will pass the peace, share prayers together, and hear a special anthem from the choir. It will be a special worship service.

Join us on Zoom at 10:00am
Dial: 1-929-436-2866 with Meeting ID: 150 620 342

After worship, we will debrief your experiences visiting other churches this past Sunday in facilitated breakout rooms. We want to hear what you noticed and what ideas you have for NYAPC as we continue to develop hybrid worship for the fall.

I look forward to gathering with you on Sunday. May you be filled with the love of God and the peace of Christ this week.