Forward in Faith, Together in Mission

Pre-Campaign Information Initiative

You will soon receive a brochure in the mail about our planned Forward in Faith, Together in Mission campaign, scheduled to begin this fall. We are providing this information to inform you, offer opportunities for feedback, and answer questions and concerns.

This will be one campaign with two purposes and two pledges:

  1. The first purpose is to receive commitments for our 2022 Stewardship Appeal. Each fall we prayerfully consider a financial commitment to support the day-to-day mission and ministry of NYAPC for the upcoming year. This is a one-year commitment.
  2. The second purpose is to receive a capital commitment payable over three years that is over and above our yearly stewardship commitment for 2022. The priority capital needs are a new and energy efficient HVAC system that will serve for decades to come and renovation of the first and fifth floor restrooms. The initial $1M received will begin to pay down the loan taken to install the HVAC system. With these committed funds in hand, the remaining debt will become more manageable, and a bathroom project can then be initiated, we hope during the third year of the campaign.

The brochure mailed out on Friday, July 2, contains more information.

Your ongoing feedback is crucial to our collective success. You have two ways to convey feedback, ask questions, and receive more information:

  1. Complete a survey about this campaign. The deadline for responses is July 31.
  2. Come to one (or both!) Information Forums on Zoom:

    – Sunday, July 11 – Following Worship
    – Wednesday, July 21 – 6:00 pm (Watch for the link in the Weekly or on our Events page.)

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