Q&A – Forward in Faith, Together in Mission

What is the Forward In Faith, Together In Mission Campaign?

The Forward In Faith, Together In Mission Campaign is one campaign with two purposes and two pledges, similar to the campaign approach implemented in 2015.

  1. The first purpose is to receive commitments for our 2022 Stewardship Appeal. Each Fall as a congregation we prayerfully consider a financial commitment to support the day to day mission and ministry of NYAPC for the upcoming year. This is a one-year commitment.
  2. The second purpose is to receive a capital commitment payable over three years that is over and above our yearly stewardship commitment for 2022.

When will the Forward In Faith, Together In Mission Campaign begin?

The campaign is scheduled for this Fall and will follow our usual Stewardship Appeal timeline. The campaign will be launched on the last Sunday of September and commitments will be received through the middle of November.

What is the purpose of this Q&A?

We are initiating a pre-campaign communication program to inform you, offer opportunities for feedback, and answer questions and concerns. The hope is that when we launch the campaign, you will be grounded in an understanding of the objectives, so the campaign focus will be on growth in faith and generosity together.

How much was raised for capital improvements in 2015 and what was accomplished?

We raised $1.5M for capital improvements. The following was accomplished with the funding:

  • Renovation of the church exterior including brick pointing and cleaning, stabilization of the structure and limestone trim, new outer sanctuary windows improving energy efficiency and protecting the inner stained glass windows, and cleaning and lighting of the steeple, increasing our visibility in the neighborhood.
  • New Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) on the 5th floor, improving control and performance, and replacement of our building’s 50 year old boiler, improving efficiency/reducing consumption.
  • Roof replacement with a more energy efficient roof that has a twenty-year warranty.

What are our capital financial goals now and what do we hope to accomplish?

  1. After prayerful consideration and discernment, consensus for our 2022 Stewardship goal is that it will be set at the same level as for 2020, or $700,000. Your stewardship gifts for the church each year are the top priority because they support our day to day ministries.
  2. Our capital goal is to raise $1.2M – $1.5M, or more, over the next 3 years.

The priority capital needs are a new and energy efficient HVAC system that will serve for decades to come and renovation of the first and fifth floor restrooms. The campaign plan is to address both needs. The initial $1M received will begin to pay down the loan taken to install the HVAC system. With these committed funds in hand, the remaining debt will become more manageable, and a bathroom renovation project can then be initiated, beginning we would hope during the third year of the campaign.

How will this campaign impact our mission and ministry at NYAPC?

Your Stewardship commitment for 2022 will support our day to day ministry and ensure we stay strong and grow in our service, support, and outreach to the congregation and community. Your capital commitment will support our facility, which is a vital tool for ministry and mission. Many of our ministries and overall mission as a congregation depend on the space we provide to be impactful to our community. Your support will provide the fuel to keep our presence visible and service oriented.

Will we need to implement other capital campaigns?

Yes. Depending on what is raised in each campaign, we most likely will need additional campaigns after this one to fully pay off the HVAC loan ($3,000,000) and the work on the restrooms.

What can I do if I have questions or would like more information?

Your ongoing feedback is crucial to our collective success in this important financial effort. You have two ways to convey feedback, ask questions, and receive more information.

  • Come to our next information forum on Zoom, July 21 at 6 pm
    Go to Zoom Meeting or dial 301 715 8592 with Meeting ID: 829 7481 8976

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