Be a Peacemaker! Witness to God’s Love and Peace

Now more than ever, we are asked as peacemakers to confront hopelessness and thwart division by becoming peacemakers as congregations and individuals.

The annual PC(USA) Peace & Global Witness Offering allows us to tackle this peacemaking work and challenge in partnership with PC(USA) by empowering congregations and individuals to make a difference in our neighborhoods, nation, and world.

During the next four weeks, September 5—October 3, 2021, you will have the opportunity to think about how we might as a congregation and as individuals work to promote peace, and to prayerfully consider providing financial support for this effort through giving to the Peace & Global Witness Offering.

Our NYAPC congregation will retain 25% of the Offering for its peacemaking efforts; 25% is sent to National Capital Presbytery for its peacemaking work; and 50% of the Offering is returned to PC(USA) for its ongoing peacemaking programs, including the International Peacemaking program that brings Presbyterian peacemakers from around the world to our churches, several of whom have visited NYAPC.

Culminating on World Communion Sunday, October 3, during the four weeks of A Season of Peace, we on the Peace & Justice Committee hope you will take the opportunity and join in prayerfully supporting this year’s Peace & Global Witness Offering.

Go to NYAPC/give-now and choose Peacemaking and Global Witness from the drop down menu. We ask that you prayerfully and joyfully support peace in our world!

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