From Rev. Heather Shortlidge

Dear Friends,

Join us for Zoom worship this Sunday, September 12 at 10:00am. I’m preaching the third sermon in our series, “I’ve Been Meaning to Ask,” focusing this week on the question, “What Do You Need?”

During the service, there will be a special Back to School Blessing as well as a remembrance of the 20th anniversary of September 11th. Immediately following worship, there will be an update from the Board of Trustees about the building and various construction projects. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Join us on Zoom at 10:00am
Dial: 1-929-436-2866 with Meeting ID: 150 620 34

A poetry prayer by Rev. Sarah Are, “Here If You Need Me,” to nourish your spirit this week:

I got the call and almost
rushed right over.
I wanted to hold your hand and
tell you it would be okay.
I wanted to start a meal train.
I wanted to bring casseroles and flowers
and hope of better days.
I wanted to take my heart
out of my chest
and put it in yours
so that the ache might fade.
I wanted to speak, and fight,
with the person in charge.
I wanted to get justice,
I wanted to make it fair.
I wanted to start a campaign.
I wanted to rewind time,
to easy, better days.
There is so much that I want to do,
but it’s not about me.
It’s about you.
So tell me—
what do you need?
I am here.
I am listening.

Peace and Courage,


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