Building Projects Update

Last Sunday, Trustee Karl Hoffman shared a status update – with photos – on the HVAC installation, and other projects. He gave a visual tour of what’s been happening, including pew refinishing, solar panels, security lighting, and, of course, the new system that will heat and cool the first through fourth floors. (The fifth floor and basement levels already have updated heating/cooling systems.) You can see Karl’s full presentation here.

Karl began with responses to the questions many are asking:

Q: Will the HVAC project be completed in time for the October 24th return to in-person worship?​

A: Substantial completion (ie. system up and running) of the project is expected to be October 21st. Our contractor has reconfirmed that date this week, and we have confidence in their assessment​

Q: Are we on budget?​

A: Some Change Orders have added to the expense of the project, but we also had contingency dollars built into the budget. We expect to be in range of a couple of percent of the $3.5M total price tag.​

Then we got a virtual tour of all the work being done! Including the beautiful work done on refinishing the sanctuary pews.

And the solar panels on our roof:

And we got an idea of what some the new heating/cooling units will look like:

Want to see more? You can see Karl’s full presentation below.

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