Former White House Press Secretary Leads Class on Election Returns

by Paul Dornan

Mike McCurry, formerly President Clinton’s Press Secretary and currently Director of the Center for Public Theology at Wesley Seminary, led the first of two virtual adult church school classes at New York Avenue on Saturday, Nov. 7.

McCurry, insightful and affable, began his class on impressions of the election returns with introductory remarks and then opened it up for questions from the 50 participants. His remarks came only hours after President-Elect Biden was announced the winner, which made his observations all the more immediate.

He stressed the institutional reinforcement of the division, with a new Democratic president, a barely Democratic House and a still-Republican Senate, which he interpreted to mean that progress might be sluggish even on subjects in which there appears to be significant consensus. He saw resentment of the apparent know-it-all elites as the source of the survival and intensity of the Trump coalition.

Second Class This Saturday. As a preview for his second class with us, on Nov. 14 at 4 pm, on the response of the faith community to the election results, he posed these questions:

• How do we counter and defuse such resentment?

• How do we convey as individuals, as communities, to those so resentful, that they have genuinely been heard?

For the Nov. 14 class (4 pm):

Go to Zoom or dial 1 301 715 8592 and enter Meeting ID 847 5246 6884