Pentecost! NYAPC Children and Youth

Happy Pentecost!  Happy Birthday, church!   This Sunday, May 15th will be a fun time to be a child (and hopefully a youth) at NYAPC.  We celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Birthday of the Church, and our diversity/ unity as One Church.

Throughout the morning will PLAY with HOLY SPIRIT sticks that I made (idea thanks to Pinterest). In the Gospels of Luke and John,  John the Baptist says that Jesus Christ will baptize us with both water and fire.  The Holy Spirit comes to us in so many forms — fire, water, the dove, and the wind for example.

We can experience the Holy Spirit  every part of life, for the the Holy Spirit is God’s energy and support for all of creation.  Using these Spirit sticks, made from sticks the little guy and I found in our neighborhood and ribbon, we will use our whole bodies to move like the Holy Spirit we see all around us.

During Gathering Time will also have fun with GLOW sticks with a HOLY SPIRIT dance and act-silly party. Happy Birthday, church! 

It is our last week of the Holy Moly series this year for Sunday School.

  • PreK: Will have fun!
  • K-4: classes will learn the story of Lazarus from John 11:1-45
  • Middle and High Schoolers: Will continue to plan for youth Sunday.  Please see your email for the planning document.

Next week, May 22, we will be doing a special mission-project to benefit the guests and friends from the Radcliffe Room.  We will be assembling personal care-kits and helping sort clothes for the Radcliffe Room homeless ministry.

For worship play, we will read the story of Pentecost from Acts 2:1-21 from the Desmond Tutu Storybook Bible and the Jesus Storybook Bible.  We will also read a few books from the local library “The Secret Birthday Message” by Eric Carle, “Say Hello, Ciao, Holy, Konichiwa…” by Rachel Isadora and “One Family by George Shannon, which all touch on the important themes of Pentecost:  New Beginnings (birthdays), diversity, and unity within diversity.